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Income Shareable Agreements for International Careers

Alex needs help Paying for Grad School

Let's say Alex needs $20,000 to go to grad school for pursuing his masters in Data Science. He thought about student loans but doesn't feel comfortable being tied to fixed payments after graduation. He comes across Scholarly Science and finds that their ISAs are a unique and innovative way to finance his education. He's not hampered by his family's credit score, the payments are flexible, and he knows he'll get the support.

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Alex signs his ISA

Scholarly Science funds the $20,000 he needs for tuition.Once he graduates and start earning he begins paying back a percentage of what he earns in the return for the funds he received for his tution for a specified duration. Because his payments are based on a percentage and not a fixed amount, he knows he'll be able to afford his payments.His monthly payment is tied to his income,so he only pays what he can afford to pay.If he lose his job and have no income,then his payments pause with no interest.It's that simple

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Every ISA is Unique

It's important to note that ISA percentages and term lengths are unique to each student. To see an estimate of what your Income Share Agreement might look like,schedule a call with one of our student representatives

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